DCRE, brokerage was founded to provide the Durham region with the highest quality in commercial real estate brokerage services. At DCRE you’ll be able to get the most relevant and accurate information that you require. We’ll help you cut to the chase. We investigate, consolidate and integrate information from a wide variety of sources to make sure your investment in our community is the right one.

Based out of Oshawa, Ontario, DCRE administers all sizes of retail, office, industrial, land and capital market assignments in the Durham Region.

As a partner in the community DCRE keeps tabs on development plans, changes to infrastructure, what’s happening next week, next year and what is planned ten years from now. We keep track of changes to local by-laws, fiscal policy and the shifting political landscape. We meet with local businesses, large and small, assist landlords and tenants of commercial properties in how best to address a particular problem and work hand-in-hand with the municipality to make our clients transactions as efficient and effective as possible.

DCRE is committed to bringing the best possible commercial real estate service to our region. By utilizing comprehensive resources, cutting-edge technology, and local market knowledge we have expanded the network available to our clients’ within the Durham Region.

We strive to complete our clients understanding of all the relevant forces that are at play in the Durham Region. DCRE is unique; it has one office and is dedicated to one region – Durham.